Murabaha Financing

USD : 68.22(Buy) - 69.60(Sell)

EUR : 75.05(Buy) - 76.57(Sell)

Murabaha Financing

Murabaha (Arabic مرابحة) In Islamic Fiqh, Murabaha is a sale where seller expressly mentions the cost incurred on the commodities and sells it to another person by adding some profit or mark-up thereon which is known to the buyer.

Murabaha is one of the most widely used modes of finance by the Islamic banks and Islamic financial institutions.

Sectors of Financing:

Currently AIB finance in the following sectors:

  • Home appliances (Electronics of the best International companies, Air conditioner, Refrigerator, freezer, washing machines, televisions etc.)
  • Mobiles, laptops and computers.
  • Car financing.

Target Customers:
Islamic branches (as approved by the management) to target the following categories of customers:

  • Salaried employees of:
  • The governments.
  • Public sector enterprises.
  • Semi Govt. and Autonomous Bodies.
  • Multinational companies.
  • AIB executive staff [VP & above] permanent & contractual.
  • Employees of UN agencies & Foreign Embassies.
  • Public & private sector recognized Companies, Hospitals & Educational Institutions.
  • Businessmen with sizable documented income & high net worth individuals.
  • Self-employed professionals especially Doctors, Engineers, Contractors etc.


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